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Robert Corti
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       These photographs represent a segment from a series of portraits depicting the lives of artists living with HIV/AIDS. The endeavor has been a rewarding and cooperative experience for myself and each artist involved. The images hopefully capture the struggle, hope, and unshakable insistence of the artists to continue their own creative process, despite this dread disease.

    I, as a photographer living with AIDS, have come to realize the importance art has played in my ability to surmount physical adversity in order to survive. I dedicate the series to the legacy of all those who have died before us.

Exposed: Marcos - photograph, 16 in. x 20 in., 1995

Exposed: Marcos
photograph, 16" x 20", 1995
Exposed: Vince - photograph, 16 in. x 20 in., 1996

Exposed: Vince
photograph, 16" x 20", 1996

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