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Nancer LeMoins
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    When I emerged from a five-year stupor of non-creativity, I began creating art that focused on the life and politics of living with AIDS. I believed that it would save my life. It did. Against all odds, I am still on this planet, and am still making art. Since I had such great success saving my own life with art, I have widened my objective and now I want to save YOUR life. If I can get these messages across, if I can give someone a space to create art that eases something inside, if I can touch you with a moment of stunning beauty, I am doing my job here on this earth right now.

 Living Everyday mixed media 50 AIDS Isn

Living Everyday
mixed media
50" x 40", 1997

AIDS Isn't Over
linocut and chine colle
36" x 24", 1998

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