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John Neilson
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    At age five, drawing monster faces in the jackets of storybooks was my favorite pastime. In a house of turmoil, creating art became my form of self-expression. In school, most of my assignments were left undone while I spent hours drawing trees, monsters and superheroes. From childhood on, my artistic journey has been an excellent coping tool, as well as a base to understand my self and the world outside me.

    With no degrees or Ph.D.'s, the development of my artistic abilities is one of my most important skills. Without my interest in art, I can't imagine how I would have survived. Painting and exhibiting paintings has helped me cope with abuse, drug addiction, HIV, and the American Medical Association, and has also been a way to celebrate my connection with people, nature and family. Art is a healer.

 Oh Fuck! I

Oh Fuck! I'm Positive
mixed media, blood and hair
36" x 24," 1992
My Bloody Self mixed media and blood 36

My Bloody Self
mixed media and blood
36" x 24," 1994

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