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David Reidman
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    David was in the second group of artists who collaboratively taught classes for Positive Art, as a California Arts Council "Client as Teacher/ Artist in Residence." Participants in his mixed media workshops loved his sense of humor and his ability to make them feel comfortable. In 1992, David made a clear-headed decision to do a doctor assisted suicide. In his very organized way, David attached a yellow Post-it sticker bearing the name of the future recipient to every item in his apartment. I was moved and honored to get a telephone call asking me to come to David's apartment to receive these charcoal drawings, which I had always admired.

        --Sharon Sisken

 Don't Fix My Anger, It's Not Broken charcoal, 40

Don't Fix My Anger,
It's Not Broken
charcoal, 40" x 30," 1992
 The Lovers # charcoal, 40

The Lovers #1
charcoal, 40"x30," 1992

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