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Marcos Reyes
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    Much of my work is a reflection regarding the impact of HIV/AIDS in an individual, as well as on a social level. Art has provided the outlet to express emotions and ideas condemned, otherwise, to useless silence. Art is the language that allows me to engage in a dialogue with my reality, and that of many others who share the same faith. The creative process has given me the opportunity to endure and understand a reality that seems sometimes senseless, and to find beauty in it.

    I am far from complaining about this reality. As it turns out, I think the experience has been invaluable. Many of us have encountered a well of resources we did not know we had. The expectations have changed one too many times. When I look at my work, what I see is the nakedness -- physical and spiritual -- of our Selves. I observe the contradiction between death and survival, and experience the fear of the inevitable reality of dying, and the incomparable joy of living.

When Image Matters digital design, 8

When Image Matters
digital design, 8" x 10", 1996
Self-Defense mixed media, 11

mixed media, 11" x 14", 1996

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