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Carol Siporen
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    Carol's work is personal and autobiographical. She is the President of the board of directors of WORLD (Women Organized to Respond to Life Threatening Disease), and an articulate speaker at conferences worldwide. She is very aware of the politics of AIDS in relation to the pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment. She has made a series of artist books that use humor to tell her story as it relates to these issues. In "Sea of AIDS," she speaks about the frustration over medications and the fear of opportunistic infections associated with AIDS. In other work, she looks at the issue of taking state-of-the-art medications and not feeling healed. Her work also addresses how she sees herself -- and how others see her as looking fine on the outside -- at times when she feels so sick on the inside.

       --Sharon Sisken

Menorah, monoprint 10

watercolor, 24" x 36," 1997
I Have AIDS watercolor, 24

monoprint 10"x 8," 1995

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