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Apple, Airplane (toy), Arteries (of the head, illustration), Alligator (toy)
Adolescents need outlets for the sexual tensions building up within them. If no normal and natural associations with the opposite sex are developed, really abnormal behavior may develop.

Boy, Brush, Boat (toy), Brain (illustration)
The responsibility of bringing into the world a healthy, wise and moral generation rests on the fathers and mothers of the land. Healthy, moral parents breed normally developed children.

Compass, Corset, Clown (toy),
Condom, Car (toy)

Daisy, Dildo, Dresser (doll furniture), Doll (toy)
Many ancestral defects and undesirable hereditary traits can be overcome by giving greater activity to counteracting tendencies. In this way the coveted gifts of genius can be conferred.

Earring, Emery board (toy), Emperor (toy),
Elephant (toy) Erection (illustration)

Face, Fountain, Figurine, Foetus (illustration)
Fetishism produces an unnatural sex attachment to objects rather than persons. The possession or fondling of shoes, haircurls, or wearing apparel can create arousal and satisfaction of sex feelings.

Girl, Glove, Gun, Globe
Proper cleaning of the genitals will prevent the formation of habits not alone loathsome and disgusting, but will auger for future health and happiness of the child.

Hands, Horse (toy), Hand Grenade, Heart (illustration)
The surest mode of securing health is by acquiring the most extensive possible knowledge of it derangements and thus learning what noxious influences we must avoid.

Iceskates, Iron, Ivy (leaf), Intestines (illustration)
The best way to avoid becoming addicted to perverted practices is to develop normal erotic technique to the full. It bestows pleasure which cannot be approached by any abnormal intercourse.

Jewel, Jack (toy), Jeep (toy), Jesus (religious statuette)
Men like animals can be improved in health, intelligence, beauty and morality by judicious breeding. Some persons should not be allowed to marry.

Kettle, Key, Kiss (illustration), Knife
Right knowledge is not only a safeguard of purity, but is really the creator of true modesty. Reverent knowledge insures the delicacy of thought.

Lilly, Lantern, Language (sign language illustration), Lungs (illustration)
All perversions spring from the same impulse as love itself.

Man, Make-up brush, Money, Muscles (of the hand, illustration)
When he handles his sexual organ, all parts of the body suffer and the whole body is abused. This loathsome habit often leads to ill health, and in some cases, death or insanity.

Nail polish, Necklace, Nude, Nerves (of the lower extremity, illustration)
Abnormal characteristics are far less persistent in transmission than are normal ones. The tendency of nature's forces is to maintain the normal type.

Ocean liner (model), Oven (toy), Octopus (illustration), Oil can
Perversion is sufficiently potent in its influence upon the individual's choice of occupation. Thus we find homosexuals working as bath attendants, zooerastists as farm hands, and sadists as prison guards.

Penis, Pin cushion, Pig (toy) Pelvis (illustration)
Pleasures, kept within due bounds, are good, but in excess are utterly subversive of health and happiness. The more one indulges in pleasure, the more one craves pleasure.

Quill, Queue, Queen (illustration), Quail (illustration)
1. Do you feel free from repression?
2. Do you mix easily with casual acquaintances?
3. Are you well adjusted sexually?

Ring, Rose, Ruin, Rib cage (illustration)
Teach your daughters that all life originates from a seed. Tell her that this seed is alive and maturing within her. Knowing this, she is apt never to grow up with base thoughts.

Sailor, Spoon (baby), Scissors, Slip (little girl's)
Scandals and sensational episodes of a gross sexual nature often have their origin in the irresponsible actions of a nymphomaniac subject.

Tiger (toy), Telephone, Transvestite, Thimble, Truck (toy)

Umbrella (toy), Underwear (doll's), Urinal, Uterus (illustration)
Unclean people are a danger to others. It is a matter of pride and moral duty to keep the body clean, vigorous and wholesome.

Virgin (religious statuette), Vibrator, Viola, Vanity (doll furniture)
Body, mind, or moral nature must be debilitated before any vice can fasten itself on a man or woman. Clean habits and careful living are the surest paths to a virtuous existence.

Woman, Watch, Wedding gown, Wig (18th Century man's, illustration)
A woman's life is made up of little pleasures, little cares, and little duties. Her province lies in gentleness, cheerfulness, contentment and housewifery.

X-ray, Xylophone, Xerophyte (illustration), Xanthippe (illustration)
Having associated with whites, the hybrid child's amorous proclivities are naturally directed toward whites. But he strikes an obstacle, for whites hesitate to date him and refuse to marry him.

Youth (torso), Yo-Yo, Yellow jacket (illustration), Yoga (illustration)
Habits rightly formed in youth will often prolong life and add tenfold to any personal attraction. Good habits will lead to health and happiness. Bad habits will destroy you.

Zebra (toy), Zipper, Zinnia, Zeppelin (toy), Zodiac (illustration)


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