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2. Joe Campbell & friends, Riis Park Beach, NY, c. 1955,
photo by Harvey Milk

The hot July sun darted on Joe Campbell's mischievous dark eyes entrancing Harvey Milk, who lay near Campbell and his friends at the gay section of Riis Park Beach in Queens. With his thick dark hair combed back, except for the waterfall curl on his forehead, the nineteen-year-old Campbell looked alot like James Dean, only more handsome, and Harvey couldn't take his eyes off him. Joe had at last found someone to take care of and protect him. Harvey Milk, twenty-six, found someone who needed him. 'It was a selection basically,' Joe Campbell said later. 'Harvey selected me and I was in the market to be selected.' That was how Joe and Harvey started what would be the longest relationship in either of their lives.

Randy Shilts, The Mayor of Castro Street, St. Martin's Press, 1982