Curatorial statement

Contempo Lesbos reveals the broad complex of lesbian creativity and the pluralism that characterizes the state of contemporary lesbian art. The works range from the abstract paintings of Kim Anno to the interactive collaboration of E.G. Critchton and Elizabeth Stevens, from the architectural detail photographs of Happy/L.A. Hyder to the multi-media assemblages of Catrina Marchetti.

Each artist's work is explicitly modernist in content and visionary in intent - drawing upon past traditions and influences while expressing private and personal fascinations. The artworks are statements of liberated personal identity consciousness and represent a passionate evolution of artistic possibilities: five new viewpoints in the schema of contemporary esthetics.

--Adrienne Fuzee, curator

Adrienne Fuzee is an art historian, lecturer and independent curator whose interests encompass lesbian esthetics, technology, tradition and the primitive in modern art. She has curated exhibits as diverse as "Torch & Anvil" for the SF Art Commission Gallery, "San Diego Contemporary Art" for the Yokohama Citizen's Gallery, Yokohama, Japan, "Techno Art" for Spectrum Gallery, San Francisco and "Jean Cornwell: Paintings and Sculptures" for the African American Museum of Fine Arts, San Diego. She has served on the board of a number of community arts organizations and is presently engaged in planning a gallery to be located in Oakland, CA, where she lives and works.