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An unusual testament to the presence of spiritual and personal power in her life, the works by Catrina Marchetti are an interesting blend of photography and assemblage that explore the transformative effect of the exercise of personal power. Her hand-hewn works detail an ecstatic and artistic expression of her martial arts experience - an experience that has changed her art and her life through its emphasis on spiritual and physical power development.

An adherent of Kajukenbo, a street-savvy martial arts form developed in the 1940's, Marchetti's fascination with power began with earlier work that explored notions of communal power in the women's martial arts community. This latest series continues and expands her serious examination of the dynamics of power to include women's reactions to spiritual, social and physical challenges.

The figures are energetically posed, captured as they engage forces that require a response beyond the ordinary. There is also an element of ritualistc play in the posed figures, the actions hold a transcendent meaning that elevate them to a spiritual realm. Her depiction of women's strength presents us with a challenge - it is another view of women in art, rife with symbolism and ritual.
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