Martin Freeman
Born in Martinez, CA, 1946

San Francisco State University, BA Theater Arts, 1972
City College of San Francisco, AA Floristry, 1974

Selected Solo Exhibitions
Clock Tower Gallery, San Francisco CA, 1994
Laura B. Townsend Trust, San Francisco CA, 1990
Mamosia Gallery, Berkeley, CA, 1988

Selected Juried Exhibitions
Selections '96, San Francisco CA, 1996
Levi Strauss, San Francisco CA, 1994

Selected Group Exhibitions
Day Without Art, M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco CA, 1996
A Visual AID Exhibition, Levi Plaza, San Francisco CA, 1996
Art Reach, San Francisco CA, 1994

Artist Statement

Growing up in Martinez meant occasionally going to San Francisco, driving down a two-lane road past the Emeryville Mud Flats. There in the marshes at the edge of the Bay was my art: temporary sculptures made from refuse, destined to be washed away with the next high tide.

I finished school in 1964 and then I joined the US Navy, becoming an electronics technician. This was followed by a degree in theater, then floristry, then real estate. Eighteen years ago I started sculpting and painting.

Having never formally studied art, I work totally from my emotions and draw inspiration from my childhood. I use found objects that have emotional content for me, combining unrelated fragments to create figures that I refer to as "my babies," the only children I'll ever have.

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