Clown Ladder wall hanging -1978 Wendy Mukluk's comments:

here is something from my 1977 diary:
Saturday June 11, 1977
Billy art, meeting in dreams
Iver & I went over to see Billy & Snappy, who were visiting. [Billy lived in an apartment in a big art deco building across from Buena Vista Park.] (Teddy & Reggie & several others went to Crete & on to Egypt.) I took pictures of Billy's latest works. One I just love, it's like stairway to paradise or Jacob's ladder. It's red ribbon & ric rac & sort of rungs of marrabou feathers different colors, & all surrounded by different color fringes & clown doll heads & little charms & plastic candy canes. [He was going to give it to me, but then David Spencer wanted to buy it, for $300- or something, and money won out.].....