David Gremard Romero - 'Metamorphosis' (2006)

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To view a miniature of this 58 ft. image, move bottom scroll bar to the right.


For a 1/2 scale view of the original in sections, click on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

These 6 sections are positioned end-to-end in the original as in the miniature above and are each composed of 6-7 individual 11"x17" plexiglass panels.

Metamorphosis is a graphic novel 58 feet long by 11 inches high, done in acrylic on plexiglass,

inspired by Houdini, Superheroes, Mexican Lucha Libre, and Ovid with texts, lyrics, and poetry

by Mallarmé, John Ashberry, Lacan, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Giordano Bruno and the artist.







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