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Posted by boyblue on January 15, 1999 at 03:15:46:

In Reply to: cadmus's achievement posted by richard meyer on December 01, 1998 at 00:09:39:

Cadmus' reputation seems to growing quite rapidly. I enjoy his work and he is certainly an important figure in the history of gay art. I wonder, however, if the intrinsic quality of his work warrants the immense interest in his work among gay art historians (which is most art historians I suspect.)

Certainly he was painting gay images when few people were, a fact which assures him a place in gay art history. But his works, despite their sometimes satirical nature, seem to me to go over the edge into sentimentalism. His images lack that aura of uncompromising truth that one finds in say a Francis Bacon.

Much of his reputation among gay scholars, I think, stems from the fact that they need someone to write about. Cadmus is interesting and has had a long career with a lot of upper class associations. Historians love to work on a figure like that. He tends to get better press than he sometimes warrants.

All that said, if I were wealthy, I'd be buying the heck out of Cadmus. His prices are going to go through the roof when he dies.

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