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  • still active? - Ivana George 17:44:20 10/02/102 (0)
    Is this message board totally inactive now??? It seems like a cool idea! Ivana
  • Joining the american apathetic discussion about Deborah Bright - Lindsay 19:21:52 5/31/99 ( 0)
    So....does anyone else suspect that perhaps the source of this supposed American apathy over grant funding and censorship in the arts might intersect with the institutional ignorance and legalized bigotry that Deborah Bright is talking about here? Anybody out there? And don't try to tell me you've never experienced institutional ignorance or legalized bigotry...
  • The lack of response. - Robert A. Schaefer Jr. 05:22:40 3/30/99 ( 0)
    One reason for the lack of response is apathy. It is no longer the "topic" of the day, and many people no longer see it as a big problem. Most people in the United States want to believe that there not really a censorship of art, or at least if there was, that it is over now because of all the protest. The fact still remains that as far as the US Government is concerned, the only realy agency funding the arts (as if this small amount could be considered funding) is the NEA and look where it's … (Links) (more)
  • Some words about Bright's publication - Dominic Simoneau 19:39:10 3/26/99 ( 0)
    There is too much to say about last Deborah Bright's publication. I've just bought the book last week, but I can personnaly say that it is a brilliant ouvrage. Lot of passionnated and captivating texts who offer a lot for discussion and debate. It was a real pleasure to find a Thomas Waugh article in this anthology. Encore une fois Bravo! I hope this kind of publication will finally emerge soon in Quebec where the queer studies try to get much more place in the academic field.
  • No discussion - Barry Harrison 18:27:08 3/03/99 ( 0)
    This page has been up for a month now, and there's no comments. Can anyone offer a suggestion as to how we might make this group active? I'm assuming that if you've gotten this far you must be curious. So what are you hoping to find here? What do you want to contribute? What was your reaction to Deborah Bright's piece? Is it a question of someone starting off? If that's it, then let's begin with the question< "Why didn't anyone post a message?" Any comment at all would really be appreciated.
  • test message - test 11:15:10 2/02/99 ( 0)
    This is just a simple test message.



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