Welcome to Sepian Dream,

an online piece that explores the virtual web medium.

Before you begin, there are a few things you should know.

This site was designed for an 800x600 browser window, and can be viewed with Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer versions 4.0 and later. Internet Explorer for the Mac does not support the Flash Plug-in, so on a Mac please view the site in Netscape.

Since the piece incorporates both Flash and DHTML layers, the Flash 3 Plugin is also needed as well a a late-version browser.

I advise you to explore the world that you are entering. Often multiple things can happen on a given page, so click on images and words once the page has loaded. Many things can happen at once.

Finally, this piece contains explicit subject matter regarding sexuality and love. Please take this into account before entry, and e-mail 4@sepian.com with questions, comments, or praise.

So, if you're ready, enter.